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Fasnacht- Spring Carnival 2015

For 3 days in February you can see the Swiss get crazy. They host a family-style carnival rooted in European culture of the 18th century. Updated for 2015, teams (crews?) march around in full costume to their own drumbeat, hauling political art displays. Townsfolk carefully review the messages in the art pieces, the subjects showing great thought and craft. Each night there’s a snowstorm of confetti, and every morning (being Swiss) the paper and beer bottles are cleaned up.
IMG_6851 IMG_6854

German PM Angela Merkel  is in this one.

German PM Angela Merkel is in this one.



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Closer to free part ONE

Portfolio Spring 2013

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Dawson portfolio


Construction drawings – professional and academic work

construction set 2013

construction set


Graduate Thesis Project

Final Study page 1Dawson Final Study.pdf

ARCH 674 1Dawson ARCH 674

Presentation prepared for graduate architectural students